The Noble Eightfold Path – A Guide to Practice with Right View


By Phra Ajahn Kanchit Sutthijitto 

This teaching, “The Noble Eightfold Path: A Guide to Practicing with Right View” explains clearly that numerous and varied methods of practice, if held with an intention in accordance
with right view, can lead to the end of suffering. The essence of practice is to develop the foundational faculty of mindfulness. Then mindfulness will safeguard the mind, foster concentration (samādhi), and help us develop the clear and continuous knowing of the arising and passing of mental and physical states, sometimes translated as clear comprehension or clear seeing (sati-sampajañña).

This teaching is intended as an abbreviated guide for practitioners, providing a view of the greater structure of the teachings. With this foundational overview as the basis for one’s future practice, the reader will gain an improved ability to align their practice with right view. With right view, the practitioner will not stray from the noble path. With right view, one will develop a clear comprehension of the Dhamma, and will be able to eventually free oneself from suffering.

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